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Reprogram your subconscious mind and shed pounds without dieting or exercise.

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Discover the joy of transformation with PrimaJust, your pathway to weight loss that feels like a breeze.

Say goodbye to the struggles of dieting and exercising, and embrace a life where achieving your dream body comes naturally and joyfully.

Effortlessly shed 1-3 pounds every week, without feeling hungry, all on smooth autopilot.

How does PrimaJust Work?

Weight Loss through Subconscious Programming

PrimaJust offers a unique approach to weight loss that combines sound waves and spoken word to unlock your brain's potential to make your body lose excess fat.

Weight Loss on Autopilot!
Lose 1-3 pounds per week on average
No Yoyo Effect
Every pound lost is a pound lost forever
No Hunger
Lose weight effortlessly without being hungry and without hunger pangs or cravings
Feel Better
You will feel better now that you are finally losing weight, become healthier en look better.
The program does not use hypnotherapy, nor meditation.
It uses the licensed Multiliminal® Technique.
Feel Better
You will feel better now that you are finally losing weight, become healthier en look better.
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PrimaJust is available as a monthly subscription.

(Regular subscription costs are $247/month.)

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Weight loss begins by addressing the underlying issue of excess weight, which is concealed within your subconscious mind.​

With PrimaJust, you will correct all subconscious programming that contributes to your overweight condition.

This method is the most rational and lasting approach to weight loss and is beneficial for your health.

What happens after you sign up?

Upon registration, you'll receive an email containing your login credentials, allowing you to access the PrimaJust Learning Center.

Here, you'll find all the lessons you need with detailed instructions for optimal engagement.

Each lesson begins with an introduction that prepares you for the session ahead.

You will also receive a listening schedule designed to guide your journey towards remarkable weight loss results.

Simply follow this schedule to unlock incredible weight loss results.

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Frequently Asked Question

With PrimaJust you will target and fix the underlying root cause of excess weight.

This root cause lies hidden in the subconscious mind.

By addressing this underlying cause, your body will naturally and effortlessly initiate weight loss from within.

This approach will reset your metabolism, prompting your body to increase fat burning.

Additionally, you will incorporate other effective strategies to support long-term weight loss and achieve a slim and healthy physique that can be sustained throughout your life.

That’s what makes PrimaJust so effective.

The worst way to weight loss involves dieting or exercising. These methods are often referred to as forced weight loss methods.

While it’s true that you may experience weight loss using these methods, the results are typically temporary.

Once you cease the diet or exercise routine, you’ll quickly regain the lost weight and most of the times even more. This is the yo-yo-effect.

This rebound effect occurs because the underlying cause of your excess weight hasn’t been addressed. With time, you may find yourself becoming progressively heavier and gaining more fat, eventually reaching a point where weight loss becomes extremely difficult.

At this stage, your metabolism has essentially been locked in a survival mode, making it almost impossible to shed those extra pounds.

The best way to lose weight is to address and fix the underlying root cause of being overweight.

With this approach, you will unlock your metabolism and start burning fat from the inside out at maximum healthy speed, leading to permanent weight-loss without any yo-yo effect.

With the PrimaJust Multiliminal® technique you will address this root cause and fix the underlying subconscious programming that’s responsible for being overweight.

On average, a lesson with this technique takes only 5-10 minutes a day, making it a very quick, highly efficient and predictable option for weight loss.

On average you will lose 1-3 pounds of body fat per week.

Yes, you can absolutely lose weight and become slim without exercising.

Be aware that with exercising you can lose fat too, but you MUST keep exercising forever, otherwise the yo-yo effect kicks in and you will start gaining weight very quickly.

Besides, by exercising, you are not addressing the hidden root cause of being overweight.

When you do address the underlying root cause of being overweight you will start to lose weight on autopilot, without exercising.

Yes, it is possible to lose weight without changing your diet, but it depends on various factors.

The PrimaJust program helps you identify those factors and corrects them, so you will start losing weight easily and effortlessly.

Yes, it is possible to lose weight with a slow working thyroid gland, also known as hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism can indeed contribute to weight gain or make it more challenging to lose weight, as it can slow down your metabolism.

However, with the PrimaJust Program, weight loss is still achievable.

Hypothyroidism can also be caused by excess weight!

Often, doctors mistakenly think that hypothyroidism causes weight gain, but actually, gaining too much weight is frequently what leads to hypothyroidism.

No, absolutely not. Counting calories is something you do with a diet. PrimaJust is not a diet and you never have to count calories.

The PrimaJust program includes features aimed at keeping you motivated, but we believe that the most effective motivation comes from seeing tangible results.

By using PrimaJust, you can expect to experience an average weight loss of 1-3 pounds per week.

Witnessing these outcomes on the scale, without the need for restrictive diets, intense exercise, hunger, or excessive sweating, will bring you great joy and serve as a continual source of motivation.

Absolutely! You can still enjoy carbohydrates while following the PrimaJust program.

The remarkable aspect of PrimaJust is that it guides you effortlessly towards a new, healthier balance in your eating habits.

This positive change will occur automatically, without requiring conscious effort on your part.

Sleep plays a crucial role in weight loss and overall health.

Sufficient and quality sleep is vital for various aspects related to weight management.

First, sleep deprivation can disrupt hormones involved in appetite regulation, leading to increased feelings of hunger and cravings for high-calorie foods.

This can potentially result in overeating and difficulty in adhering to a healthy eating plan.

Moreover, inadequate sleep negatively impacts metabolism, making it harder for the body to burn calories efficiently.

Additionally, sleep deprivation can lead to fatigue and reduced motivation for physical activity, hindering regular exercise routines.

Prioritizing optimal sleep hygiene, aiming for 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night, can positively support weight loss efforts by promoting healthy hormone regulation, appetite control, energy levels, and overall well-being.

The PrimaJust program incorporates routines that will help you increase your sleep hygiene, if its not sufficient. It will help you sleep and rest better.

Losing weight quickly is generally not considered safe for most people. Rapid weight loss can pose various health risks and may not lead to sustainable results. Here are some reasons why quick weight loss is often discouraged:

  1. Nutritional Deficiencies: Drastic calorie restriction or extreme diets may not provide adequate nutrients, leading to deficiencies that can harm your health.

  2. Muscle Loss: Rapid weight loss can result in the loss of muscle mass, which is essential for overall strength and metabolism.

  3. Skin Problems: Losing a substantial amount of excess fat quickly can lead to the challenge of skin adjusting to the rapid changes, which may result in sagging skin.

  4. Metabolic Changes: Quick weight loss can disrupt your metabolism, making it harder to maintain weight in the long term.

  5. Gallstones: Rapid weight loss has been associated with an increased risk of developing gallstones.

  6. Dehydration: Losing weight too quickly may lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and other related health issues.

  7. Nutritional Imbalance: Fad diets that promote quick weight loss may lack essential nutrients and can be imbalanced.

  8. Yo-Yo Dieting: Rapid weight loss followed by weight regain (yo-yo dieting) can be harmful to your body and may negatively impact your mental well-being.

  9. Heart Problems: For individuals with existing heart conditions, rapid weight loss can be especially risky.

  10. Hair Loss: Drastic weight loss can sometimes lead to temporary hair loss.

  11. Gallbladder Disease: Quick weight loss can increase the risk of gallbladder disease.

PrimaJust ensures a steady weight loss of 1-3 pounds per week, which is considered a healthy pace without compromising your well-being.

A slow metabolism can be a consequence of previous forced weight loss methods, like dieting or exercising.

This state is commonly referred to as the body’s ‘survival mode.’

By using PrimaJust, you can restore and boost your metabolic rate to a maximum healthy level, without dieting or exercising,  guaranteeing significant weight loss, regardless of past diets or exercise regimens.



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What is a Night Lesson

A Night lesson is a special session that you play when you go to bed to sleep. The session consists of 2 parts:

  1. Sleep Induction

This is the part that helps you fall into a deep rock solid sleep. As you sleep and rest deeply you open your subconscious to the suggestions that follow.

  1. Active Part

This is the therapeutic part that contains the appropriate suggestions to make a certain desired change.

This part is repeated many many times in a row while you sleep. Sometimes up to 15 times. A Night Session lasts about 5 hours, but you don't really notice this because you are asleep.

It is an extremely effective way to get the same effect as if you were to repeat a regular hypnotherapy session several times. A Night lesson saves you a lot of time during the day.

What is a Multiliminal Lesson

A Multiliminal lesson is a revolutionary technique that allows you to achieve your desired results faster than ever without hypnotherapy! The session consists of 1 part:

  1. Active Part

This is the therapeutic part that begins immediately. You don't hear background music, but sounds of nature combined with special audio tones that differ between left and right.

This combined with Michel's voice will put your brain into the so-called 'super learning state' within 5 minutes.

A Multiliminal lesson takes a very short time. On average only 15-25 minutes. This makes a Multiliminal lesson ideal for, say, a short time during lunchtime.

Also, a Multiliminal lesson is perfect for people who would rather not undergo any sort of hypnosis or hypnotherapy, but still want the positive results!

During this super learning state the suggestions reach your subconscious quickly and easily and you will have the desired positive effect even faster. A Multiliminal lesson is short and saves you a lot of time.

What is a Binaural Lesson

A Binaural lesson is an audio listening session that you play on, for example, a smartphone, tablet or mp3 player. The session consists of 1 part and therefore takes less time.

  1. Active Part

This is the therapeutic part that begins immediately. The left and right channels are time-shifted and alternate.

With the binaural technique, your consciousness is distracted during the session, and that is exactly the intention. This allows the suggestions to easily reach your subconscious, and thus achieve the desired (re)programming.

You just listen during the day with "earbuds" or headphones during your normal daily things. So it doesn't cost you any extra time.

What is a Hypnotherapy Lesson

Our hypnotherapy lessons are audio listening sessions that you can play on, for example, a smartphone, tablet or mp3 player. Each lesson consists of 3 parts:​

  1. Induction

This is the part that helps you get into a pleasant deep relaxation. This relaxes you well and opens your subconscious mind for the suggestions that follow in the active part.

  1. Active Part

This is the therapeutic part that contains the right suggestions to make a certain desired change. You (re)program a part of your subconscious with this.

  1. Deduction

This is the end of the lesson. Here you become fully "awake" again and the session is ended. Or if it is time to sleep, the deduction helps you to fall into a normal pleasant deep sleep.