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What is a Night Lesson

A Night lesson is a special session that you play when you go to bed to sleep. The session consists of 2 parts:

  1. Sleep Induction

This is the part that helps you fall into a deep rock solid sleep. As you sleep and rest deeply you open your subconscious to the suggestions that follow.

  1. Active Part

This is the therapeutic part that contains the appropriate suggestions to make a certain desired change.

This part is repeated many many times in a row while you sleep. Sometimes up to 15 times. A Night Session lasts about 5 hours, but you don't really notice this because you are asleep.

It is an extremely effective way to get the same effect as if you were to repeat a regular hypnotherapy session several times. A Night lesson saves you a lot of time during the day.

What is a Multiliminal Lesson

A Multiliminal lesson is a revolutionary technique that allows you to achieve your desired results faster than ever without hypnotherapy! The session consists of 1 part:

  1. Active Part

This is the therapeutic part that begins immediately. You don't hear background music, but sounds of nature combined with special audio tones that differ between left and right.

This combined with Michel's voice will put your brain into the so-called 'super learning state' within 5 minutes.

A Multiliminal lesson takes a very short time. On average only 15-25 minutes. This makes a Multiliminal lesson ideal for, say, a short time during lunchtime.

Also, a Multiliminal lesson is perfect for people who would rather not undergo any sort of hypnosis or hypnotherapy, but still want the positive results!

During this super learning state the suggestions reach your subconscious quickly and easily and you will have the desired positive effect even faster. A Multiliminal lesson is short and saves you a lot of time.

What is a Binaural Lesson

A Binaural lesson is an audio listening session that you play on, for example, a smartphone, tablet or mp3 player. The session consists of 1 part and therefore takes less time.

  1. Active Part

This is the therapeutic part that begins immediately. The left and right channels are time-shifted and alternate.

With the binaural technique, your consciousness is distracted during the session, and that is exactly the intention. This allows the suggestions to easily reach your subconscious, and thus achieve the desired (re)programming.

You just listen during the day with "earbuds" or headphones during your normal daily things. So it doesn't cost you any extra time.

What is a Hypnotherapy Lesson

Our hypnotherapy lessons are audio listening sessions that you can play on, for example, a smartphone, tablet or mp3 player. Each lesson consists of 3 parts:​

  1. Induction

This is the part that helps you get into a pleasant deep relaxation. This relaxes you well and opens your subconscious mind for the suggestions that follow in the active part.

  1. Active Part

This is the therapeutic part that contains the right suggestions to make a certain desired change. You (re)program a part of your subconscious with this.

  1. Deduction

This is the end of the lesson. Here you become fully "awake" again and the session is ended. Or if it is time to sleep, the deduction helps you to fall into a normal pleasant deep sleep.